Strategic Planning, General Consulting, Media Services

Rindy Miller Media works with your campaign at each step: developing goals and strategies; writing a plan and budget; researching and developing winning messages; training you and your staff on message delivery; producing television, radio, digital, and print ads; placing and monitoring advertising time.


Rindy Miller Media is a full-service, strategically-driven advertising and communications firm. At Rindy Miller Media, rigorous message research launches game-changing, cut-through creative, and our years of tactical expertise mean we know the best way to leverage your resources.

We place millions of dollars of advertising time through television, digital platforms, print, and radio, and will help you determine the most strategic and cost-effective placement strategies.

We are hands on and collaborative, diving deep into story to bring out the best in the people and products we promote.

Our backgrounds in public sector, community, and political ad-making mean we know how to communicate clearly and persuasively in high stakes, rapid fire situations, and on all budget levels.

Rindy Miller Media has won numerous Pollie, Addy, and Telly awards for outstanding advertising. We have also won a first place National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors Programming Impact Award, for work with Google Fiber and the City of Austin.


Rindy Miller Media helps with every aspect of communication, from press releases to speeches, email announcements to digital copy. We are experts in crisis communication and available on a daily basis to make sure your campaign stays on track and is consistent in messaging throughout every medium.


Rindy Miller Media is one of the strongest message firms in the business. Message is more than what you say; it’s how you say it, from music and images to body language and camera style. We help develop your message from the outset, so that when it is time to create advertising campaigns, we know precisely which words and symbols to use.


Excellent message work starts with copious research. At Rindy Miller Media, we drive all aspects of research — quantitative and qualitative, to discover concepts, language, and content that will achieve high-impact results. The leadership at Rindy Miller Media comes from extensive journalism and nation-wide campaign experience, bringing decades of depth to the message discovery process.

Media Buying

Rindy Miller Media has placed millions of dollars in advertising, nation-wide. Our approach to media buying is strategic and cost-sensitive. We are experts at value added time placement as well, garnering PSA time when appropriate.

Strategy and Planning

A well run campaign — whether for elected office, a commercial product, or a social movement, is an exercise in thoughtful research, planning, and thinking. When it is time to advertise, you will have very little of the audience’s attention. That’s OK, because we will have labored over and thoroughly researched the words, images, and symbols (down to musical cues) that instantly connect to audience brains for powerful, high-impact persuasion.

From the outset, we help with budgets and campaign plans, message development, and strategic tactical decisions. Our campaigns are well thought through and deliberate. We are creative, but not simply for creativity’s sake. We know the right tone to strike, and how to strike it.

When you launch your advertising and communications campaigns, you will hit precisely, effectively, and on target, for ultimate impact.

Media Training and Public Speaking

We can work with you and your staff to improve your public speaking skills. We can help draft speeches, prepare you for debates, and train you to present yourself in the best way possible.