Dean Rindy, Partner

  • Lead strategist, over 300 campaigns
  • Numerous “Pollie,” “Addy,” “Telly,” Awards
  • Co-Founder, Texas League of Conservation Voters

Dean Rindy, known for his ability to frame messages with evocative images and compelling language, has been the lead strategist and media consultant for hundreds of campaigns across the United States and beyond. Dean has created hundreds of television, radio, digital, and print ads, receiving numerous “Pollie”, “Addy” and “Telly” awards for excellence in advertising, message, and communication strategies; a “National Merit Award” for environmental communication; and the prestigious NATOA 2010 Award for advertising related to Google and the City of Austin, Texas.

Dean is a co-founder of the Texas League of Conservation Voters. He has taught at dozens of seminars and workshops on media and campaign communication, both nationally and internationally. Dean began his career as a newspaper reporter for the Houston Post and Austin American Statesman, where he honed his writing and communication skills. Trained in filmmaking, Dean has been able to blend his instincts for communication, message, persuasion, and writing skills to become the sharp media consultant and talented media strategist he is today.

Dean holds a B.A. in History from the University of Texas.