Cynthia Miller, Owner / CEO

  • Award-winning spots across the country
  • Known for bringing out the best in her clients
  • Dedicated to helping “Good People” and “Good Causes”

If you have a cause to promote, a campaign to target, or if you are trying to understand how to tell your story – call Cynthia. You may have heard Cynthia discussing policy on TV or radio, seen or heard her spots on TV, radio, or the web, or seen the promotional pieces she’s created for “good guy” organizations like The United Way of Central Texas and The Center for Family Relations in San Antonio. Cynthia has worked in twenty-six states and is one of the few women partners at a national communications strategy and television / radio / digital firms.

Cynthia’s first job was at Baskin-Robbins when she was sixteen, and while the bonus scoops were awesome she decided to steer her career toward public policy while an undergraduate at Harvard University, where she worked at the Kennedy School and in the trenches of the Sanctuary Movement. Cynthia majored in American History and Literature, part of her lifelong love of studying words and their impact on the human brain, culture, and society. Cynthia’s early career included Capitol Hill and trench politics in New York; she arrived in Texas as an adult with Governor Ann Richards.

Today Cynthia is known for being a relentless advocate for her causes and as a message expert who writes scripts with high impact. She holds a B.A. with from Harvard University and a J.D. from the University of Houston, where she served on the Law Review Editorial Board.